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Dargaard Keep

Another Day in the Abyss

3 July 1976
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How do I begin to describe myself?

An enigma, wrapped... no, wait. That's been done before and it's not overly true however I may wish it.

I am a geek. That's simple enough. I'm a Mechanical Engineer by trade, though gaming is my passion. I currently develop equipment for the medical device industry, specifically the mechanical side of linear accelerators.

I also game a whole lot, as you could have guessed. Sometimes more often than is wise, it is my not-so-secret hope to one day to turn the hobby into a job and leave the corporate world.

Other than that, I enjoy California, I'm 1/4 Japanese and I can do just about anything I put my mind to. I've reached 2nd green belt in Karate, played volleyball avidly, and will GM just about any game I've played.

That's about it for now. When I think of more interesting things to say, I will likely change this. Enjoy!