It's been a long time baby

I haven't posted anything in a long time... not since just after our wedding in fact. I got disenthused (a word? doubtful) about LJ when they went with the adverts. Also, I don't write much anyway, so I didn't feel I was missing anything by not checking it for weeks on end.

Anyway... random thing of the day as I checked up on friends' posting... I apparently write like Jane Austen. Not sure how I feel about that... especially since I've never read any of her books. I've only seen Pride and Prejudice and I'm not sure that counts.

I write like
Jane Austen

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Thanks for the birthday wishes! I always forget to make them myself... so have a great one this coming year, all of you!!!!

May the force be with him

Our cat died sometime last night. He wasn't feeling well this last week or so and Lydia took him in yesterday. The vet said he had some sort of mouth infection, possibly a lung infection as well. His kidneys may have been failing him, but he wasn't certain without blood work to be done.

Lydia nd I opted for getting just the antibiotics and a stool softener (he had really hard poops). We thought that being 16 years old, that if it was truly kidney failure, it wouldn't be worth the expense to keep him alive and if he responded well to the antibiotics, then so much the better.

Last night he had a couple of strange reactions where he'd walk drunkenly and complain. Then he'd lay down and pant for a while. I wasn't certain if it was something he was having a reaction to (the antibiotics or stool softener) or if we got him too late to the vet or what.

I feel bad that we didn't take him in sooner. But I'm not certain that if I had if anything would be different. *sigh*

PSA - Looking for Nanny job

A friend of mine is looking for a nanny job... she's got 6 years of experience and just got back from living in Australia. If you or someone you know needs a nanny, let me know and I'll pass the information along.


The big "L" Word

So my company had layoffs today. 60 people in total, and fortuantely for me, I was not one of them. However... all I can say is, "Really? Really? Are you that f'ing stupid?" because there are a number of people who were let go who were in charge of very important projects due for release in, oh, 2 months.

Great timing jackasses. Oh yeah, and they let go my manager and haven't give us a replacement. I'm currently reporting to either the former Customer Service Manager turned manager of Product Support & Engineering (cause for some reason our department and theirs is being combined) or to the VP of Manufacturing. I know the manager a little bit, and I don't know the VP at all.

This means I have to establish new relationships and cred with basically strangers. And my former manager and I were working on some salary and title issues which now I am guessing will be out the window.

I had thought we were the lucky ones (company wise) that we already went through our downturn and we'd be coming back up as credit got back into the hands of hospitals and clinics. (Capital Equipment works different than housing and car loans). I guess I was wrong on that.

Between my DDC efforts for dealers' room tables being thwarted, the raising of my rent, the expense of Lydia's car needing repairs and these layoffs, I'd say that I'm starting to believe that it isn't all coincidental and 2008 is trying to make my life miserable for at least one more month.

Oh yeah, and a bird crapped on my head the other day. No, seriously... one really did.

Shameless plugging

Not sure how much fan voting counts, but the San Jose Sharks are the best team in the NHL right now and their guys are being shafted on the popular vote. This is unsuprising to me because the west coast teams tend to have less love than east coast teams (and Detroit counts as being east to me... they are east of the Mississippi for crying out loud).

Anyway, if you like hockey at all and haven't voted... go to

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Still around

Just wanted to say, I'm still around. My mother is doing well and is now living with her sister nearby. Her last day at the hospital was Thanksgiving Day.

Life is still topsy-turvey, I need to get things back on track, right the ship, all those cliches. I figure I'm at least a week away from things being close to normal.

Some tallies:

1, aunt from Seattle visited
5, different hospitals my mother was admitted
7, number of sick days used
10, number of doctors I've met
12, days my mother was unconscience
15, days my mother was without short-term memory
15, estimated number of doctors who have seen, prodded, or operated on my mother
47, days I visited my mother in a hospital
48, days my mother was in a hospital
2300, estimated miles travelled while mother was at UCSF

Not an update

This update is not really an update but one which is saying, "Hey... sorry, been busy, will update later". Suffice to say, my mom is in physical therapy and getting step-by-step closer back to 100%.